Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs

When you receive your energy bill every month, does your jaw hit the ground? If so, you have come to the right place! By making a few simple changes, you can seriously reduce your energy consumption, while will translate to serious savings for your pocket, not to mention do wonders for the environment. For a fresh look and enhanced functionality, check out garage door replacement Houston.

Here are some highly effective changes that you can start making today!

Make Adjustments to Your Lighting

Leaving lights on unnecessarily can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Get out of that debt settlement so you can keep the lights on, If your having electrical problems contact Electrician Queens. Make sure that you always turn off all lights that aren’t being used. If you like to keep a light on for security purposes when you aren’t home, consider installing a timer and set it so that it goes on when the sun goes down so you don’t have to leave the light on during the daylight.


They use significantly less energy than standard light bulbs, and they last longer, too.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs

Your HVAC system can be huge strain on your electricity consumption. To reduce sky-high costs, try the following tips:

  • Make sure your house is sealed up. If you have a fireplace, close the damper; seal up all duct work and make sure that there are tight seals around the windows and doors.
  • Don’t use air conditioning when it’s not needed. If it’s cool and breezy, turn it off, open up the windows and take advantage of Mother Nature.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. In the winter, set it so that the heat is lower when you aren’t home and while you’re sleeping, and higher when you are home and awake, and vice versa for the air conditioner in the summer. Smart electrical contractors would have a  Phase Angle Meter in their arsenal of tools and equipment. Always make sure the electrician is using the most updated and professional equipment. The quality of testing equipment is just as important as the quality of missing parts that may need to be replaced on a job.

Cut the Strain on Your Water Heater

Your water heater can also do some serious damage to your energy bill. Make some adjustments to lower the amount of energy this appliance uses. Every 10° Fahrenheit you turn your water heater down will reduce your energy costs by up to 5%.


Another way you can lower the strain on your hot water heater is to only run your dishwasher and washing machine when they are full and consider switching the water to cold instead of hot. Also, reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower. Get amazing chimney sweep dallas, they have the best professionals in the state.

Replace Your Appliances

If your appliances are antiquated, you should seriously consider replacing them. Older appliances suck energy and can make your energy bill soar. While new appliances may be costly to purchase, over time, they will save you a significant amount of money.

Unplug Appliances

While there are some appliances that always need to be plugged in, like your refrigerator, there are several that you can unplug when you aren’t using them, which will lead to a lower energy bill. For example, you can unplug your computer, your small kitchen appliances, cell phone chargers, printers and other appliances that don’t need to be plugged in all the time.

Use Your Curtains Properly

During the day, open up your curtains and let the sun shine in. The warmth of the sun will fill your home and bring the temperature up, which means you can lower your heat. Find a better electrician with electrician bellmore, with Fielack Electric. When the sun sets, close up the curtains to lock the heat in and prevent it from pouring out of the windows. Consider replacing your existing window coverings with energy efficient curtains, too!

Phase Angle Meter

For more tips and tricks for reducing your energy bill, or to have your electrical system inspected to ensure that it is up-to-date not using energy unnecessarily, contact us today!

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